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Website Video Marketing

When the Internet was in its infancy, users had to be content communicating simple text-based messages, in green type on a black background. With the commercial introduction of the Dot.Com era, following the 1960's ARPANET....the new relm of online communications became much more sophisticated, and a new term entered our vocabulary.... the website.

Technology had advanced enough to allow websites to display text and graphics, including photographs. In just a few years, the industry had revolutionized, much like television's shift from black and white to color, or the printing press's decline in the age of desktop publishing.

Video Marketing

Why choose us RGB Interactive?

Website Video Production

How does it benefit you? Prospective clients, customers, patients, etc. will actually "meet" you and your staff, interact with your product, tour your facility, or see and hear testimonials from other customers. Imagine the benefits you'll reap with our video marketing package, designed to meet your unique marketing objectives!

Social Media Video Marketing

We also offer an innovative suite of services for social media video marketing, which allows popular search engines such as YouTube, Revver, Metacafe, Viddler and many more video social media hubs to access your site, pushing your marketing message far beyond the confines of a traditional text-and-graphics based website.

Drone Video Services

Spectacular, informative and impressive low level aerial drone photography for marketing, advertising and promotion. Whether for websites, brochures, fine art, or on-site presentations, aerial photos are an indispensable visual tool. We offer a stable aerial video production platform for creating movies or images for live broadcasts of concerts, sporting events or other events. The freedom of movement allows for a unique perspective previously unattainable with other devices.

Video Production Services

Web Commercials
Web Commercials

A web commercial or internet video is an eye-catching marketing presentation targeted towards the emotional side of the viewer. These presentations are dynamic in nature and may include animation, music, voice, and high-impact video. A web commercial is similar to a traditional television commercial, but designed for delivery over the Internet. Once your web commercial has been completed, it can loaded onto your website, loaded on other websites, and most importantly, loaded on Google Video, Yahoo Video, YouTube, ect.

Corporate Video Production
Corporate Video Production

Time and time again, video has been proven to the most effective way to get your message out there. Research has also shown that over 60% of online viewers prefer professionally produced videos. Big business or small, there should be no doubt a professional video is the way to go. We can create exactly what you're looking for by helping you through the entire production process. So, don't take matters into your own hands and have our professionals help you develop the perfect presentation for your corporation's businesses - all for a reasonable price.

Training Videos
Training videos

Training videos are one method of teaching people through a visual step-by-step process. These instructional online videos can be catered to training employees, teaching customers about company products or even construction training. Instead of holding multiple in-person training sessions or hosting the same sessions repeatedly, training videos offers the trainee the convenience of viewing from any location. Most people would rather watch a training video that guides them through training or supplements information then read a how-to guide.

Online Video Marketing
Online Video Marketing

For more online exposure, everyone knows video works. As a matter of fact, Forrester Research found that videos are 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of results than common text pages. And if your business does have a video online you have just competed the first step in expanding your market. Distributing your video to a variety of channels helps you get the most out of your video investment. By using other social media venues (ie., YouTube, Twitter and Facebook) you can draw people back into your website.