Mobile Marketing Services In Dallas

SMS marketing, Push notifications, App-based marketing, QR codes, Proximity systems, Location-based services, User-controlled media

Mobile Marketing Services In Dallas

At RGB Interactive, our mobile marketing professionals understand the ever-changing climate of mobile marketing and craft unique strategies to help you reach your consumers. We channel a variety of tools from application concepting and creation to SMS marketing to responsive website design in order to make your content readily available in the mobile arena.

Mobile applications are a great way to stay connected with your current customers and attract new ones. Our Dallas mobile app developers can help you research industry mobile marketing activity as well as your customers in order to develop a mobile app that creates value for both you and your customers. Already have an idea in mind? RGB Interactive can help you bring your vision to life with our mobile application development team.

Mobile Marketing Services Dallas

Engage Your Customers

Location-Based Marketing (LBM)

Imagine being able to reach your customers when they come within a certain distance of your business. Now, based on your customer's location, you can sent these people ads and offers and give them a reason to stop by your business with proximity or point-of-interest marketing.

SMS/MMS/WiFi Marketing

SMS, commonly known as short message service, and MMS, multimedia message service, is an easy way to reach your consumers regardless of what type of phone they have. Our Dallas Mobile Marketing services delivers quick offers like sales specials or reminders and can yield immediate results. Our mobile marketing professionals can set you up with a SMS or MMS marketing campaign so you can quickly reach your consumers. WiFi Marketing is the future and not widely used today.

QR Code Marketing

Unleash a powerhouse of information in a very succinct way with QR Code Marketing. Interested and potential customers can simply scan the image with their mobile device and be directed to a landing page or website that provides more information on any given subject. QR Code Marketing includes tracking information so you can gauge what information warrants the most responses.