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Local businesses need potential customers to be able to find them online -- in search engines, directories, review sites, mobile apps, etc. Showing up in these results is practically essential for a local business to survive today. A large portion of searches typed into Google and the other engines have local intent, such as "Dallas dentist" or "Dallas plastic surgeon". Even without a geographic reference in the query, search engines often consider a searcher's local location and other data and try to deliver results within their city or regional area when appropriate. So a search for "Dallas Doctors" will return a list of local businesses that varies depending on the searcher's location.

A local business can even appear next to the map in a search results page. Listings that get included in these local results are highly visible to searchers, often ranking above national brands and other heavyweight websites in the results! Local, geo-targeted businesses simply cannot afford to miss out on this kind of positioning.

Dallas Local Business Listings

What does our Local Business listing service include?

  • Submission to Listing Directories
  • Submission to Listing Aggregators
  • Comprehensive Business Verification
  • Claim listing ownership with Google, Yahoo & Bing
  • Create and optimize a Google+ Local page for your business
  • Create and optimize a Google Plus page for your business
  • Create a Facebook Fanpage for your business
  • Create Foursquare, Twitter & Yelp profiles