Mobile Site Design

Adaptive Layout, Mobile Web App, Apple App or Android App

Mobile Site Design Services in Dallas

Everyday, more and more people use their smart phones and tablets to access content on the web, shop, socialize, and play games. This trend shows no signs of abating and pressure is mounting on traditional website owners to make their resources available for users on the go.

But with a variety of mobile devices, platforms, and environments, which way should you go? Is a mobile app built for a specific operating system the right choice? How about a cross-platform application? A mobile website that will work for any device? There is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Mobile provides great opportunities for creating even better and more tailored experiences than on desktop and these can still be achieved even if you don't build a bespoke mobile website or app.

Why choose RGB Interactive?

Adaptive Layout/ Web App

Customers who want their website content to display correctly and uniformly on a variety of devices, platforms, and screen sizes, but don't need advanced features. We utilize special coding techniques that make a webpage automatically adjust to the resolution of a screen for the best user browsing experience - no more frustrating scrolling and zooming.

Apple iTunes App

Native apps provides advanced features that are not available with a web-based implementation such as offline mode, device hardware features (camera, GPS, accelerometer, etc.), advanced security, data synchronization, and many more. Availabe for download through the Apple iTunes platform.

Google Play Android App

The android just below 1 billion android users, with 1 million activations each day. Aside from the market size and positive revenue growth, publishing your app on Google Play is incredibly easy. Google Play also provides a robust search capability, making it easier for users to discover your app.

Site's Designed for Mobile Devices

iPhone/iPad IOS

Built for the iPhone/iPad mobile device running Apple's proprietary iOS operating system.

Samsung Galaxy/Tab Android

Built for the Samsung Galaxy mobile device running Google's Android operating system called KitKat.


Built for the LG/Motorola/HTC/Kindle mobile's running Google's Android operating system called Fire OS.


Built for the Microsoft/BlackBerry mobile device running each's proprietary OS operating system.