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All aspects of marketing and branding from web to print

Marketing Collateral Services in Dallas

Your brand message will not only be heard but also seen, an effective and strong marketing method that will keep your Brand Image in front of your audience's eyes and help your Brand stand out from all the noise. Your Marketing Collateral would include your general visual communications and print materials that showcase your services or products.

Our goal is to make sure all your Marketing Collaterol is consistent and that is tells the same story and presents your business image accross all materials. There are basic elements that you will want to review as you develop your brand's image and voice as you create your Marketing Collaterol.

  • Visual Communication- Graphic style.
  • Message - Clear information and on how it is communicated. This in includes your voice online and offline.
  • Services & Products - How you develop and present your services and products greatly influences your brand identity.
  • Interaction & Experience - What does the customer walk away with before, during and after all interactions.

Why choose RGB Interactive?

Logo Design

Your logo design is an essential aspect of your company's image. It's often the first thing your client sees and has the potential to make a lasting impression in an instant. Whether you are looking for something clean, professional, modern or whimsical, our logo designers have the necessary skills and expertise to bring your image to life.

Graphic Design

We like graphic design that is concise, contemporary, and attention grabbing. We're not interested in over-loading consumers with glaring images or too much information. Rather, we help you tell your company's story in a manner that is inviting, engaging, and always pleasing to the eye.

Printed Material

We provide all kinds of print graphics including; business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, postcards, flyers and much more. We believe in the importance of cohesive branding and the transformative power that a beautifully designed printed piece can have over your client. We create products that will instill a cohesiveness that will give the impression of polished professionalism.

Marketing and sales material for a business, product or service

Business Cards

We're deeply passionate about the first impression of great business card design.


A well designed brochure can entertain, educate and remind your clients about your business and offerings.


Promotional banner design, we can help you build confidence in your business with custom marketing materials.

Postcards/ Flyers

Creatively designed postcards and flyers that will get your message in the hands and minds of your audience.