Internet Consulting

Our process is focused on assisting organizations that understand the impact the Internet has on growth and sustained industry leadership.

Internet Consulting Approach

Our recommendations are based on research, trends, proven business processes, and experiences. We will develop appropriate Key Performance Indicators as well as specific strategic recommendations and tactics based upon quantitative and qualitative research, industry benchmarks, and best practices.

Upon developing a customized Internet strategy, we work to execute our recommendations and to achieve long-term success. The result? A strategy that parallels your organization, supports your business processes, and achieves your goals. RGB Interactive assists clients in leveraging the Internet as a competitive advantage.

Wouldn't it be nice if your marketing made a splash?

Strategic Planning

Our expert internet consultants will identify growth opportunities and implement an action plan that will increase performance and decrease costs and time to market. Innovation plays a key role in our strategy formulation and recommendations process. We continually encourage staff to research and understand best practices and emerging trends. This allows us to present opportunities that might be outside of your traditional industry perspective.

Web Development

Web development is one of our specialties in our never-ending mission to help businesses grow and thrive on the Internet. After our thorough research process, our team of consultants will work to formulate an accountable, long-term web strategy. A website is an important part of any business's digital presence because it's often where potential customers go to get a first impression. Our website solutions covers frontline tactics such as landing page optimization and content marketing, which businesses can use to help tell their stories and entice potential customers into making a purchase.

Internet Marketing

Using the latest techniques in search engine marketing, social media marketing, content strategy and other tactics, we ensure that your website is driving traffic and generating business. Search marketing revolves around attracting customers using search engines to your website by providing the answers or products they're looking for. RGB's search solutions include pay-per-click (PPC), display advertising, retargeting and search engine optimization campaigns. Each of these tactics has the ability to drive more traffic to your site, which means more opportunities to make sales (and increase profit!).

What We Do

Capture Attention

You can't create raving fans of your practice if you can't first capture your visitor's attention, showing them how your service will benefit their lives. We do it all - from branding and design to copy writing - to capture the enthusiam of your team and your prospective new patients.

Achieve Optimal Results

With a strategic marketing action plan from RGB you can be on your way to:
- Increase your customer base
- Branch into new markets
- Promote new products or services
- Open a new location
- Ensure season after season of continued success

Social Media Solutions

One thing is certain about social media: it gets more popular by the day. As adoption rates continue to rise with each new social platform, savvy businesses are taking advantage of the ability to directly communicate with their customers in a social setting. Our social solutions include social, email and video marketing, which are all methods businesses can use to increase their brand awareness and engage with their target audience to build customer retention.

Mobile Strategy/Development

Mobile is a slightly different case because some elements from site, search and social are also part of this group (since they can and should occur on mobile as well). Our mobile solutions include mobile marketing and responsive web design, both integral digital solutions for capitalizing on the mobile customer.